USA Elite Northern Exposure Summer Showcase July 12-14, 2019

Tournament Info & Rules

USA Elite Training LLC present the

5th  Annual Premier College Showcase

Sunday November 9, 2014


At the Sports World Dome

226 East Windsor, CT 06088


The third annual program in 2013 was a huge success with over 35 college coaches in attendance with a 1 to 3 player to college coach ratio!!


USA Elite Training Recruiting Showcase Objectives:

1) To provide an opportunity for prospective college-bound student-athletes to be evaluated by college coaches.  

2) Educate student athletes and their families on the college recruiting process and NCAA recruiting regulations.

3) To provide student – athletes with a marketing tool  (i.e. the mini –skills video) which can be used to promote the athlete after the recruiting camp is completed.  

4) To provide a comprehensive and well organized recruiting experience for college coaches and prospective.


Individual Skills Program (8am -12:30am)


This year we have improved the program and players will be getting the following when participating in the individual showcase event in the morning session from 8AM to 12:30:


  1. Each Players will be showcased at stations that include:  Defensive Skills, Hitting, Timed Run, & Radar Speeds.

  2. A Virtual Showcase of this event will be created and emailed to over 2000 college coaches.
  3. Players can purchase for a small fee a skills video DVD of just their performance.
  4. Free seminars on the following topics: “College Recruiting 101”, “Life a Division I College Athlete”, “Life of a Division III college Athlete”.
  5. Free FPOS GOLD membership for 1 months and full use of our gold membership benefits that include ability to email 1400 college coaches from your email address, access to resource center.*
  6. FPOS Online Class - "The Roadmap to College Recruiting Success"

* Free month applies to new members only


Exposure Game Session (from 1PM TO 6PM)


**Each team will have a game taped and placed on for college coaches to see for a month after the program.


How are the teams selected?

The teams will be selected from the players participating in the morning skills showcase program. Players will only be selected at one position. The players will be selected based on their application and references provided.

Who coaches the games?

The coaches for these games will be JR College Coaches, NAIA College Coaches, and USA Elite Training Coaches.

What is the format of the games?

Each player plays in 1 game.

Each Games is 6 inning long (innings are 6 batters each).

Pitchers pitch 3 innings per game.

Catchers will catch 3 innings per game.

All players will hit in line up.

Each team will consist of 2 pitchers, 2 catchers, and one player per defensive position.


How to Apply for this Premier Showcase Event?


1. To be considered to for this program player must complete the application and provide a credit card. The credit card will not be charged until the player has been accepted. Please complete the application completely. You must provide softball references we will be checking references to verify players softball background. IF AN APPLICATION IS NOT COMPLETED FULLY THEN YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR THIS PROGRAM.




Premier Event Guidelines:

1) USA Elite Training LLC cannot guarantee a player's performance during the recruiting camp will live up to their expectations.

2)  Only the designated "video taping" stations are in fact video taped. The video stations are only part of the showcase session.

Refund Policy


Prior to October 24 refund with written request sent

($25 administrative fee will be assessed).

After October 24 no refund will be provided.


Commonly asked recruiting camp questions:


1) If I purchase it, what is on the skills video?

The mini- skills video contains the actual, unedited performance of the participant at certain stations during the showcase. All participants are filmed at a hitting station and a defensive station. Catchers are shown throwing to second (5 throws) , Infielders are shown fielding ground balls (5 reps), Outfields are shown catching flyballs (5 reps)  and pitchers are shown throwing fastball, changeup and their favorite pitch (7 pitches total).The mini skills video is a great tool for players to market themselves to college coaches as it is seen as an under pressure performance much like live game footage.   


2)  Will I received instruction at this recruiting event?

No. This is a showcase event only where college coaches watch athletes perform stations and evaluate their skills. College coaches can then watch student –athletes latter during the tournament games for further evaluation.


3) Do pitchers need to provide their own catcher for this skills pitching session?

Yes, pitchers will need their own catcher for warm-up and during their skills performance when they will be throwing live for the college coaches. FPOS will not be responsible for providing catchers for pitchers.


4)  What if I have signed up and need to cancel my recruiting camp registration?

Prior to Specified Date a refund minus a $25 administrative fee will be provided  with written request.  You must send a written request via email to prior to Specified Date . After Specified Date no refund will be provided.


5) What time do I show up to register for my session? 

A week prior to the showcase, each participant will receive an email that will provide them with registration check in times and detailed instructions that will be need for the showcase camp.  This will include information such as what time to register for each session, what time to register if you are in two sessions, and what to expect at showcase.  So please when registering your daughter use an email that is checked on a regular basis.


6) Should I contact college coaches to let them know that I will be attending this event? Yes. USA Elite Training, LLC will be contacting the college coaches. However, players should also be contacting college that they are interested in attending. A college coach will be influenced to attend a recruiting event when there are players that are in the event have shown interest in their school specifically.