Northern Exposure Summer Showcase

July 14-16, 2023 | 18 Gold, 18U, 16, and 14U | $1150.00 per team
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Event Info

Weather Alerts

In cases of bad weather we may need to revise our event schedules.

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Thorpe Field

402 Thorpe Ave, Meriden, CT 06450

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Pragemann Park

13 Oak St, Wallingford, CT

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Panthorn Park

485 Burritt St, Plantsville, CT 06479

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Summer Team Status

Team State Status
Maine Thunder ME Accepted
Softball U CT Accepted
Vermont Storm  Blue VT Accepted
CT Eliminators Botteon CT Accepted
CT Jags CT Accepted
PA Ball Hawks PA Accepted
BVSA Lady Titans CT Accepted
Vermont Storm 16U White VT Accepted
Maine Thunder ME Accepted
NJ Vipers NJ Accepted
Empire State Huskies 16U – Faruol NY Accepted
CT Mirage CT Accepted
Long Island Surge Select NY Accepted
CT Tides CT Accepted
Hazen’s Stars NY Accepted
CT Seahawks Thunder Gold – 14U CT Accepted
CT Diamond Club CT Accepted
Connecticut Charge 16U Red CT Accepted
Western Mass Heat 16U MA Accepted
Polar Crush Premier 16U CT Accepted
Invasion Fastpitch 14U Premier PA Accepted
Northeast Hurricanes Watne NH Accepted
Lady Ravens Futures NJ Accepted
Xtreme Chaos CT Accepted
Empire Fastpitch 16U NY Accepted
16U Raiders Nationals MA Accepted
Western Mass Warriors MA Accepted
NY Nighthawks NY Accepted
Invasion Fastpitch Showcase PA Accepted
CT Lightning 16U Hidalgo CT Accepted
Eliminators 16U Futures Paterson CT Accepted
Run & Gun Lady Nightmares Black CT Accepted
CT Bulldogs 16U CT Accepted
Kaboom Softball 16U NJ Accepted
Team PA – Charlovich PA Accepted –
CT Lightning Gold Wright 2026 CT Accepted
CT Lightning Greco CT Accepted
CT Charmers 14U CT Accepted
Western Mass Warriors 18U Gold MA Accepted
Mass Drifters Premier MA Accepted
Mass Drifters MA Accepted
PA Krunch Gold PA Accepted
NE Fusion Gold Smith NH Accepted
Long Island Pride National NY Accepted
NJ Vipers Premier NJ Accepted
KP Pride 18U Gold MA Accepted
Central Mass Xplosion MA Accepted
Long Island Surge Gold NY Accepted
Softball U CT Accepted
CT Seahawks Thunder Gold – August CT Accepted
Team Beast 18U Gold MY Accepted
RI Thunder Premier Chartier RI Accepted
Polar Crush CT CT Accepted
RI Fire n’ Ice Red Prospects RI Accepted
Lady Ravens Gold NJ Accepted
Long Island Crush Gold Terry NY Accepted
Team Nitro LI 18U Gold NY Accepted
NH Prospects – Kraytenberg NH Accepted
NH Prospects – Lord NH Accepted
RI Thunder Camara RI Accepted
TC Futures Showcase NY Accepted
LI Hurricanes Gold Fastpitch NY Accepted
TNT East Gold 18U PA Accepted
RES Angels 18U Gold MA Accepted
CT Eliminators Gold Lattal CT Accepted
Rage Metro West MA Accepted
CT Impact Regional Showcase CT Accepted
CT Lightning Gold 2025 Cowen CT Accepted
CT Charmers 16U National CT Accepted
CT Charmers 18U Gold CT Accepted
New England Storm MA Accepted
Lady Dukes NY 18U NY Accepted
CT Lady Knights Corrado CT Accepted
CT Lady Knights Delorme CT Accepted
Rip City USA Gold Covino NH Accepted
Maine Thunder Sullivan ME Accepted
NJ Vipers 18U Germano NJ Accepted
Hudson Valley Hurricanes NY Accepted
Long Island Surge Elite NY Accepted
Softball U CT Accepted
Brewster Rockets Showcase Rosner NY Accepted
Brewster Rockets 2023 Select NY/CT Accepted
TNT Black Haney PA Accepted
NY Jaguars NY Accepted
New Jersey Knock Out 18U – Gattuso NJ Accepted
Lady Ravens Lagomarsino NJ Accepted
Long Island Pride 16U Futures NY Accepted
Long Island Pride Gold NY Accepted
Ruthless 18U Mayer NJ Accepted
RES Angels 18U Halo MA Accepted
Team Long Island 2024 Elite NY Accepted
Long Island Hurricanes 18U Elite NY Accepted
Manhattan Mayhem NY Accepted
NY Nighthawks NY Accepted
Long Island Crush Elite NY Accepted
Kaboom Softball 18U NJ Accepted
Empire Fastpitch 18U NY Accepted
NJKO 18U Pineiro NJ Accepted
Raiders 18U Attonito MA Accepted
DYS Blackhawks Softball NY Accepted
Valley Forge Patriots 18u Regional PA
CT Shock
CT Shock
Empire State Huskies Cefaloni
NU Ruthless Popowski
Watertown Rapids
Greylock Thunder 18U
Delaware Cobras
Polar Crush


Tournament Dates: July 14-16, 2023
Tournament Divisions – 18 Gold, 18U, 16 and 14U
Tournament Packet – click here

6 Game Showcase (Game Balls Included. Umpire Fees Pay at the Plate)

Games will begin on Friday July 14, 2023 starting at 8am and continue till the end of Sunday, July 16, 2023. Teams must be prepared to play at any of these times

Entry Fee: $1150 per team Payable to USA Elite Training, LLC (Umpire Fee Pay at the Plate). Send check payments to:

USA Elite Training, LLC
280 Schoolhouse Rd Unit D
Cheshire CT 06410

Format & Rules

Round Robin Exhibition Games. Each team will have 6 Showcase games. Games are considered a completed game after 1 hour and 25 minutes drop dead, Mercy Rule is met, or 7 innings are completed, which ever occurs first. If time expires before the inning is completed, the batter is finished and the game is over immediately (Drop Dead) and the score will revert to the last complete inning, unless the home team is up to bat and are ahead in the score or have tied the score.

  • Pitching Mounds will be at 43’
  • 2 umpires per game
  • Game balls included
  • USA Rules will be followed with some showcase exceptions
  • Showcase Exceptions: 1) Free substitutions 2) Unlimited batters
  • Mercy Rules:  15 runs after 3 innings, 12 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings

Order of Finish: 1) Win/Loss records, 2) Run-Allowed and 3) Head to Head 4) Coin Toss- will be used to determine first place finishers in each bracket. All scores must be reported by winning team to the USA Elite Training LLC Table. If scores are not reported, bracket winners will be determined by whatever means available to the tournament director.

Refund Policy

Teams that cancel after being accepted in the tournament will not receive any refund. Also, there will be no refund of entry fees due to uncontrollable circumstances or not complying with tournament rules. Because of the unrecoverable expenses of a summer tournament, if the tournament gets completely rained out, 1/2 of the entry fees shall be refunded. If any part of the game is played, there will be NO refund. In the event of rain, the tournament director reserves the right to reschedule the games in any fashion, including shortening of games and or elimination games.

Additional Requirements

1. All teams must submit their team roster by March 1, 2023. The team roster is a online editable PDF form that can be found on the website – tab “Team roster”.

2. All teams are required to book their team hotel rooms through our Partner Travel Teams. This policy is mandatory. We have implemented this policy for non-local teams as this helps us secure discounted rooms for the college coaches that attend the showcase event. The list of required sponsor hotels will be posted by December 1, 2022. Failure to book your team rooms through our sponsor hotels will result in a surcharge of $50.00 per player, not to exceed $500.00.

3. All teams must check in – please see updated rules.

4. Players wristband will be provided in the team packets. Players will be provided one wristband for the entire weekend. The wristbands will indicate to college coaches the graduation year of players in the tournament. Your coaches must complete the team roster fully including player graduation year so that we can give your team the appropriate wristbands.



5. There are areas Designated for College Coaches Only at each field. Please make sure your teams, players, coaches, and fans do not go into any areas that are designated College Coaches Area only. This includes the College Coaches Hospitality Tent and the areas designated at the fields.

6. Forfeits are to be avoided at all cost. You must contact the tournament director at your field or at the main tournament table. If necessary to allow the game to be played a team may borrow a player from another team. The college coaches have come to see teams play. If your team does forfeit a game, your team will not be allowed into another USA Elite Showcase event. It is each teams responsibility to ensure that a the game will be played.

7. USA Elite Showcase is not responsible to provide the supplies for individual teams during the tournament All teams must bring their own water/Gatorade/ice /first aid supplies. There will be concession stand at each field location.

8. Teams are responsible for cleaning out dugouts after each game. There will be trash bins at each field. It is important to respect the fields and the property of each League & Town.

9. There is NO HITTING ANY type of balls (this includes lite flights or wiffle balls) into the FENCES at any of the complexes. Coach must bring pop-up hitting nets for hitting off of batting tees.

10. College Coaches will be invited by USA Elite Showcases. We cannot guarantee the attendance of any coaches. We will list all coaches that RSVP as they are received. To ensure that more college coaches attend we recommend that players also contact the college that they are interested in to let them know that they will be at this showcase event. College coaches have more incentive to attend an showcase event if they know that they are players who are interested in their program.

Individual Players Needing Teams

As a service we take requests from players who would like to participate but do not have a team – if your team is in need of an extra player please contact for names. At that point it is your responsibility to contact the players and make arrangements.