I suggest the ideal time is end of 8th grade.. Now don’t panic if if your daughters not in 8th grade and I promise we can get her caught up. It’s just the most efficient time to start in this grade because then you can spread out the work over time.  But I would  say realistically most people don’t really start getting involved in college recruiting until their freshman year.


So we recommend to  start getting involved in this process at the end of eighth grade going into the freshman year. Because you have to keep in mind that your senior year is nothing because it’s a spring sport you’re going to already have your official visits. Your on campus visits either in that August before your senior year or in the fall so really our recruiting timeframe is almost shortened down to  end of Junior year.


By starting early in your ninth grade year we kind of tell your players that that’s your free year. For example if we go to a recruiting camp in July for your freshman year or in the fall of your freshman year and do bad it doesn’t matter.  It’s still the year to grow because the coach is probably won’t start looking at a really strong until sophomore year.  On the upside, what if you are an amazing performance and these coaches noticed your athletic ability? They see you hitting bombs over the fence, they watch you diving for ground balls then they will put you on their watch list.


Current NCAA Recruiting Rules by Division:

NCAA rules is you Diviiion 1 college coaches cant talk to you till Sept 1 of your JR year.

-Div 2 after June 15 of Sophmore year

-Div 3 – No athletic scholarship and you have more freedom, but the rule is they can’t talk to you off campus until after your sophomore year.


Learn more at https://youtu.be/9KDHTRDiyxw